Why service providers attend

The Mining Journal Select event brings together a carefully selected group of projects from all commodity groups across the region.

The event will give you a chance to meet, network and create business relationships with mining companies and institutional investors as well as a a personalised, curated agenda of private investment via our world class concierge service teams. This immersive two day event will showcase:

  • Exceptional investment opportunities
  • Consultative one-to-one business meetings between mining companies and investors
  • Keynote speeches from industry titans 
  • Structured networking and interactive discussion groups


Type of mining company who attended


Type of investor who attended


The Mining Journal Intelligence Development Asset Rating Methodology

The Mining Journal Research and Intelligence division critically assess mature, pre-production investment opportunities and present only those of adequate quality.

The broader concept recognises the difficulty investors face in sifting through the plus-2,000 listed resources equities to identify the few worth greater investigation. For each asset, we present 24 metrics central to investment decisions, normalised by unit and currency. Metrics are baked into our ratings formula that, while still in its raw form, has been built around industry consultation.

The basis of selection and presentation of project metrics is investor relevance and like-for-like comparisons. That is, we’re only presenting data that is fundamental to investment decision making in a transparent and consistent way, which allows our audience to hold two equities/projects up against each other and compare apples with apples, and oranges with oranges.